Posted by: csuschina2011 | June 29, 2011

Last Full Day in China – June 29th

This morning after a tasty breakfast at the hotel, we drove to the Summer Palace. Misty weather made it a little less difficult to walk along the Long Corridor before taking a Dragon Boat across the giant lake in the middle of the park.  Then, we climbed up a man-made hill, The Hill of Longevity and saw The Temple of Buddhist Incense.  Just before leaving for lunch, our group rested at a small plaza.  After the rest period, we went to a wonderful fancy lunch, where we enjoyed delicious Shanghainese food.  After the exquisite lunch, we took a bus drive to the Olympic village nicknamed “The Bird’s Nest.” The opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 summer Olympics were held in this building.  In “the Bird’s Nest” we had a blast watching people race on Segways on the Olympic track and cheering them on.  We then took a small tour of the wax figure exhibit showing former IOC leaders, and shopped in the Olympic gift shop – after taking a lot of pictures, of course. After returning from an hour-long bus ride back to the hotel we are now getting ready for an extravagant dinner held in a fancy restaurant overlooking the Forbidden City. Once coming back to the hotel after our final dinner in China, those who aren’t too tired will pack in preparation for our flight home, and think about how much fun we’ve had. It has been strange thinking that today has been our last full day of our three-week, fun-filled trip. We have learned a lot about culture, customs and food in China. It is sad to think that, at least for now, this is our last night in China. But because of all the strong bonds and amazing memories we have formed, this will be a trip that cannot be forgotten.

–Rajeev, Vanessa, Michael, Kent, Advait, Caroline, and Ela


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