Posted by: csuschina2011 | June 28, 2011

Chengdu and Yaan City – June 24 to 26

Today was the long awaited day that the students have anticipated.

The pandas were fun to feed and it was nice to watch them play. It was amazing to see how a panda eats bamboo with its huge teeth. Also, the baby pandas were the cutest little animals and I wouldn’t have missed an opportunity to watch them play for anything. Overall, the Giant Panda Reserve was a great experience for us all and we can say for the whole group that we were very fortunate to be there. Upon arrival, we changed into our brown volunteer jumpsuits and gloves to prepare to take care of the pandas. We then divided into small groups to give the pandas individual care and attention. That morning was tough because of the hot weather and hard work, but also an amazing experience as we got to learn how to clean up panda waste, take care of its home, and learn more fun facts about pandas with our guide. Did you know that 1 panda year = 3 human years? That day passed by really quickly and the next morning we got to take photos with the pandas! We had to pull on blue plastic robes along with gloves and shoe covers in order to not spread disease with the pandas. It was quite a sight! We were able to wrap our arms around them, an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. After that, we headed over to a beautiful scenic hike in the mountains. The first part of the hike is a descent down to the bottom of the mountains, where there is an incredible river with multiple waterfalls. It was so much fun.  Once we got to the bottom of the hike, we got to take an elevator back up.

– Alex, Justine, Kelsey, Chris, Lexus, Katherine, and Morgan


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