Posted by: csuschina2011 | June 28, 2011

Beijing- June 27th and 28th

We visited Tiananmen Square in the morning. It was very hot and crowded – however, it was amazing to see the historical site where the Beijing Massacre occurred. Across the street was the Forbidden City, the ancient palace where emperors lived. While inside the city, we had a scavenger hunt. We broke up into 7 different teams and had to race around the city to accomplish 15 important missions. We had a delicious lunch down the road from the Forbidden City, and headed over to the Silk Alley, a famous and gigantic shopping center. We had two hours to wander around this massive bazaar, and we each found unique items. Soon after, we met with college students and roamed around a sprawling mall and tasted delicious food. It was a great culmination to our first day in Beijing.

Today we were allowed to sleep in until a whopping 6:30 in order to beat the crowds and heat to the Great Wall. The stairs were challenging but the entire group managed to conquer them and was rewarded with a magnificent view of a lush Chinese countryside. It’s almost impossible to describe the Great Wall in words so we made sure to take many pictures! After a yummy lunch near the wall, we headed to Studio 798 to see the modern art scene in China and we were permitted to wander in small groups to visit whichever exhibits and stores drew our attention. Then we went to a dinner filled with very popular dumplings before going to see a kung fu performance that amazed everybody.  After a long day of hiking and shopping, we went back to the hotel, ready to get some sleep (hopefully we won’t be sore in the morning).

–Christina, Tasha, Peyton, Rohan, Courtney, Andrew W


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