Posted by: csuschina2011 | June 21, 2011

Shanghai, Take 2 – June 21

Today, after waking up in the (somewhat familiar) beds and enjoying a (somewhat familiar) breakfast, we set out on the bus, and began our day of sightseeing. After meeting our new guide, Fei Fei, who gave us (as a class) the nickname “Trees and Flowers” (boys are trees, girls are flowers), we made our first stop at the Jade Buddha Temple, where we wandered around, smelling the incense, admiring the statues, and remembering to NOT take pictures of the beautiful jade Buddhas. We were served delicious and surprisingly, detoxifying tea, and saw numerous Buddhists praying to the gold Buddhas that enclosed the temple.

Once we had thoroughly enjoyed the marvelous Buddhas, we clambered back onto the bus, and shuttled over to the Shanghai Museum. We admired exhibits ranging from ancient bronze metalworkings to Chinese ethnic minority costumes and sculptures. We particularly enjoyed the jade carvings and Qing dynasty paintings, which featured birds and flowers. Some of the audio guides happened to be in French, which amused some of us (not the people who take Spanish).

After a delicious lunch, with dumplings, potstickers, custard, and a live musical accompanist, we traveled to the Yu Garden, which, similar to the Humble Administrator’s Garden, is the largest garden in its city. We traversed the narrow bridges, awed by the beautiful pagodas, and more than a little creeped out by the frenzied horde of koi. After our visit in the garden, we were given an hour to explore the shops nearby, and make purchases, which ranged from plush birds to silk scarves and mushroom socks.

From the shops, we visited the various foreign-built buildings dotting the bank of the Huangpu river. Besides seeing beautiful architecture, juxtaposed old and new buildings on each side, we also met a bunch of beautiful Chinese people. After another delicious meal, we headed back to our familiar hotel, ready as ever for the next day.

-Connor and Molly

The frenzied, feeding koi at the Wu Garden.

An elephant watching over the marketplace where we did our shopping.

Our view of the Shanghai skyline from across the river.



  1. great writeup Connor and Molly! love the photos too! thanks, Linda

  2. The golden buddhas sound amazing … and I love the view of Shanghai – looks almost like a giant Disneyland… really beautiful, though!

  3. Looks like a terrific trip! Miss you KG!!

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