Posted by: csuschina2011 | June 20, 2011

Leaving Jiangyin – June 20

Today had an early wake-up compared to the previous two days because we were going to school with our homestay buddies. After saying goodbye we were welcomed to the high school by the principal and two administrators. Afterwards, we were treated to a martial arts lesson and a calligraphy course. We then had lunch at the cafeteria of the school with the teachers and faculty.

We then said farewell to Jiangyin and boarded our bus for Shanghai. Before we left though, the principal of the Xiao Qi Elementary School came to say a final goodbye to us.

We whiled away the hours of the bus ride with Quick Chats about Shanghai, Chinese lessons from Justine and Olivia and a new game about numbers from Lexus.

We arrived in Shanghai and were are amazed  by the large buildings and bright lights. We spend the afternoon shopping and relax. After we indulge in a Chinese-Thai dinner and do a little more shopping. We then arrive back at our original hotel in Shanghai and are looking forward to a good nights sleep.

-Andrew M. and Nikki

A bust on display of the Founder of the high school

A beautiful reflecting pool on the high school campus

A hallway in the shopping center we visited


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