Posted by: csuschina2011 | June 18, 2011

Day Two in Jiangyin and Closing Ceremony

Today, slightly sleepy after eating breakfast, we visited an organic Chinese deer farm.  When we first arrived, we were enlightened of the importance of deer to Chinese culture by watching a short cartoon. Deer is known by the Chinese to cure diseases by the medicinal uses of the deer’s antlers and blood. We had a great time watching how a young Chinese man was rescued by a deer-woman and how the king of the deer tribe eventually saved an entire village of disease with his blood. After the cartoon, we visited the spotted deer themselves on the farm. They looked quizzically at us while we took photos of the baby deer. After we took enough photos we saw some geese and chickens and then ate lunch at the farm.

We returned to the Qiaoqi Experimental Elementary School and taught last lesson. Even though it was the last lesson we taught at the school, we were still energetic as were the kids. Afterwards, we used our counseling time to prepare our performances that our kids would reenact. At the closing ceremony, all the counseling groups performed including the dance classes. Some groups sang nursery rhymes such as “I’m a little teapot” and “London Bridge is falling down” while others did dances like “The Macarena” and “The Shark Song.” The 9th graders vivaciously performed “I’m a Believer” which the elementary students enjoyed.  We thanked all of the students and Chinese teachers for hosting us and helping us have a relationship with the school and a better understanding of Chinese education. The school in turn presented us with fans with the saying, “Do your best in everything that you do.” It was sad to have to leave the children with whom we spent two days although it was a lasting experience.

The tradition of a basketball game against the Qiaoqi faculty was very entertaining. 9th grade students warmed up by making lay-ups and shooting free throws.  Our tai-chi instructor was on the opposing team and sizing up the students. We started of on a good foot: we made a few shots in the starting minutes, but the other team soon caught up. After the intense game, unfortunately, we lost 42 to 56 but if anyone asks, it was out of politeness for our hosts…

During our fantastic dinner, we had our first few quick chats which were very informing. First up was Rajeev and Kent who taught us about what Chinese kids like to do with their free time. They told us that most of all, children like to spend time with their families as they can’t much when they’re studying or doing their homework. Next was Vanessa, Courtney, and Morgan who followed up with the Chinese education system. They taught us how the GaoKao was very important for college and how most children spend most of their life studying it. We were interested by the fact the Chinese students have a different life we do. Later, Wooz and Advait were next in line for their quick chat. They taught about the history of Tai-chi which they told us about internal energy, Chi. Also, they captivated us with their special Tai-chi move they presented to us after their speech. All the quick chats were off to a great start!

At night, most people went to go badminton, table tennis, and swim. We went to a near by gymnasium which we were allowed to use the courts and the swimming pool. Everybody had a great time exercising and working out. The facilities were great to use and we thanked the workers for allowing us to use them. At the end, we were pleased that everything worked out well.

After the long and fun day, we finally got some sleep that need for the upcoming days.

–Danielle and Tristan



  1. It sounds like there was a lot of fun at the school! I’m sure the kids loved having you there, sharing!

    Organic deer farm… interesting.

    thanks for sharing 🙂

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