Posted by: csuschina2011 | June 14, 2011

We’re in China! – June 14th

We’re in China!

The day started off at SFO, where we embarked upon our trip. After the thirteen-hour flight to Hong Kong, we got our first glimpses of China—the airport was full of shops and surprisingly empty (it was around six in the morning). We passed the time by playing card games and betting with candy.

We then boarded our connecting flight to Shanghai, a much shorter flight that lasted less than two hours. Everyone arrived safe and sound without any trouble… except Mr. Whitmore, who had a ticket for the wrong plane and had to take the next flight.

After our initial awe (We’re actually IN China!), we got on a bus and went directly to the Oriental Pearl Tower, the most famous image of Shanghai. We took a very fast elevator to a very high place (around 250 meters above sea level), where we could walk around the perimeter and see other major sites of Shanghai. Sadly, it had been raining, and a large part of the sky was covered in fog. We were then thrilled by the transparent floor, which allowed us to see a bird’s eye view of Shanghai.

Following our return, we were whisked away to lunch, a delicious assortment of various Chinese cuisine. Next, we checked into our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express Shanghai. We were given about an hour before we left for dinner.

Our dinner took place on a small cruise ship, while we sailed on the Huangpu River. Although at first we were absorbed by the exotic food, we eventually noticed the electrifying lights on the west bank of the river, which included the Oriental Pearl Tower. The colorful neon display drew all of us out to the deck, eagerly toting cameras. Finally, we headed home to the hotel, exhausted after a long, full day.

-Olivia and Zach

A night shot of the Oriental Pearl.

The high-tech elevator that whisked us up to the top.


A circle of feet, with a view down through the floor to the ground below.


A shot of the base of the Oriental Pearl, and the surrounding buildings, taken from the boat.


  1. Great post Olivia and Zach – thanks for sharing the group’s experiences so far!

  2. Shanghai looks really cool!


  3. Wow!! Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing the photos… they are great, and it feels like we are traveling with you. Looking forward to reading all the updates! (((Crisula))) xxx

  4. What a great trip ! I’m thrilled for you. You wouldn’t get me on that elevator for love nor money. If I looked down I’d faint or throw up !…… Bet

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